PaceMatrix Software Solutions

Public Sector

The world is changing at a phenomenal pace in terms of technology and products. With this kind of change, people across the world are more inclined towards better and faster services. This becomes a challenge for the Governments and Public Sector organizations world over to improve their service delivery through increased use of technology and products.

Around the world, public sector organizations are facing a range of challenges – such as complex mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technology changes, and increased budget pressures. Our mission is to help public sector organizations address these challenges, and transform, innovate and optimize to build tomorrow’s government.

With the advent of Internet, citizens want easy access to information and services. This led to a new path of E-governance and self-service. Governments and public institutions can leverage the benefits offered by Information Technology to provide better and efficient governance. The IT applications and products built have to be robust, scalable and cost effective for the stakeholders.

Since most of the parameters are focused around data, there need to be efficient ways of sharing and processing data. The standards and methods need to be uniform across the world for technology to provide the required impetus. There are many products in the market that cater to specific requirements, however these products might not provide a comprehensive solution or might not be customizable. Also, most of the data that needs to be processed is often stored in legacy platforms and it is hence a big challenge to integrate the legacy applications and process the data with new technologies and products.

PaceMatrix Software Solutions with its rich experience in executing large IT projects for its clients, certified process and people capability maturity models, is uniquely positioned to help clients improve their service delivery capabilities. PaceMatrix Software Solutions has been working with many government agencies to develop comprehensive and cost effective solutions across various technologies.