PaceMatrix Software Solutions

PaceMatrix Software Solutions offers cost-effective and intelligent IT solutions to clients in the Financial Services, Communications, Retail, Manufacturing, High-Technology, Travel & Transportation and Public Sector industries. We offer IT services in the areas of Application Development, Application Management, Enterprise Business Solutions, Software Testing and Systems Integration through a global delivery model that ensures security, cost-effectiveness and quality for client.

Our goal is to satisfy our existing customers and to attract new customers by building and maintaining a reputation in the web based creative industry, as a company that offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions to varied clientele.

While most of our customers have needs that offer unique challenges, there are some characteristics common to all. Identifying these "universal" requirements and satisfying them in a timely and efficient manner is the cornerstone of maintaining our existing business relationships and building new ones.

We have come to recognize that all customers, regardless of industry, are interested in these essentials: being listened to and understood, being shown respect, being kept informed, and in receiving superior value in the form of final product delivered on time at a fair price.

As said, "A true diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy", our focus lies on understanding in depth, the requirement of the customer before making any suggestion, and then coming out with a solution. PaceMatrix Software Solutions has played invaluable roles in most industry sectors for years. Our deep vertical experience means clients always get the benefit of industry best practices and processes. But that’s just the starting point: our core approach is to tailor solutions to every client’s particular needs, drawing on our expertise in program management, global delivery, and collaborative processes and technologies to put our clients in a market-leading position.